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Gearing Up! 

Hey, everybody! I hope you are all doing as well as possible during the ongoing difficult times of this pandemic. As you may know, due to the Covid crisis and some personal tragedies, we had to make some delays with our plans for Gears of Eden, including delaying the Kickstarter which we had prepped to launch back in 2020. 

 Today, however, we are incredibly happy to announce… a whole lot, actually! First up, we are officially launching Alpha 2.7. We’ll talk about this more below, but the short version: If you haven’t tried Gears of Eden yet, this is the best time to try it. Truly, there are no words for how proud of this we are. Be sure to update your client to the latest version via Steamitchio, or Gamejolt and read the Quick Start Tips on our alpha info page for helpful early-game advice!  

 We also want to announce the next big step for our little team. On February 15th we will be launching the Kickstarter campaign for Gears of Eden (register now on our official Kickstarter page)! This is an exciting and big step for us, and for the future of the project - and one which won't succeed without YOUR help! See the Kickstarter section below for more information on how you can help us reach our goals and ensure a bright future for the robot civilization.

A brand new way to mine in Alpha 2.7!

Alpha 2.7 introduces a brand new interactive mining mode! You will now tunnel through a laser grid of astro-dirt chunk by chunk as you dig up precious resources. Future releases will see this new mining mode expanded with upgrades that allow you to find resources more quickly, dig faster, and automate some of the processes of resource collection. We feel this new mining mini-game brings a more hands-on feel to mining and makes resource collection much more enjoyable. Try it out today and let us know what you think!


 This update also brings new lore items, new mission chains, and a lot of tweaks and bug-fixes! For a full list of update, please see our Alpha 2.7 changelog!

Help us Kick Start this machine!

Way back in January of 2020, we had our Kickstarter all set up and ready to go. Unfortunately, a family loss and then the unrelenting pandemic made us scramble our plans and put everything on hold. We slowed things down in 2020, but we didn't stop. We released what was going to be our first Kickstarter stretch goal into the game in 2020 - the arrival of the M-Zecksis bugs, our first enemy NPCs! In 2021, we've released another update with additional features, and heading into 2022 now, we're finally going back to the Kickstarter and making a go at it!  

  WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS TO WORK! If you want to be a part of this journey with us, go to our new Kickstarter page and register for the pre-launch. This tells us how we’re doing, it tells the fine folks at Kickstarter that you’re really interested, AND it will let you know the very moment the campaign goes live on February 15th. PS - That hand-painted 3D printed rover model above is one of our limited backer rewards! HELP US spread the word! We are going to have lots of fun events, prizes, giveaways, and more over the next few weeks. So be sure to follow us on social media (the links are at the bottom of this email) and help us spread the word by sharing our posts and Kickstarter page! And, as always, we love to hang out with all of you on Discord! We’ve got weekly game groups, an active community, and even a meme channel! Don’t you want to see all our memes??

Official Gears of Eden merchandise from DesignByHumans (yes we get the irony)! You can prepare for the impending robot apocalypse in style, and support our game!  Visit our shop!

We want YOU! If you want to see Gears of Eden continue, here are 5 things you can do to help:

  1. Join and be active in our Discord. You have no idea how much just showing up and chatting motivates and encourages us.
  2. Likewise, follow us on Twitch and come chat with us during our live gamedev or gameplay streams. If you have Amazon Prime, you get a free Twitch Prime subscription each month, and you can use that to support us on Twitch. 
  3. Share our social media posts on TwitterFacebookand Instagram. Sharing is caring!
  4. Help connect us to streamer friends who want might want to play Gears of Eden. We want streamers to play GoE especially during our Kickstarter - so please help us get in touch!
  5. Support GoE through by registering, backing and sharing our Kickstarter.
Did you know: If you're an Amazon Prime member, you get a free Twitch Subscription you can use every month to support a stream you enjoy... like ours! It's an easy way to support Gears of Eden at no additional cost!

Thank you! This is an exciting (and maybe a little scary) time for us, and we're super proud to have your support in this journey. We're looking forward to sharing more of our future plans with you in our next update! Be sure to keep an eye on social media for some teases of some of our Kickstarter rewards!  Thank you so much, once again!

Until next time, please stay healthy and safe, and please keep in touch! -Sledge Creative Director Gears of Eden


Don't ignore this part! Your support helps us develop faster, further, and stronger! There are lots of ways you can support GoE. Check out our rewards page and/or our Patreon and Twitch, as well as our DesignByHumans shop! Or just come say hello on Discord. Share this email with others, and follow, like and share on our social media pages (icon links below)! Thank you!


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